Dollars to Protect Water

There is a little known piece of your County property taxes that go to support clean water, the watershed tax. The watershed tax supports local government units (LGU) called watershed districts. Watershed Districts in Stearns County are North Fork of the Crow River Watershed District, Sauk River Watershed District, Middlefork Crow River Watershed District and Clearwater River Watershed District.
Watershed taxes are state mandated. For those in the above watershed districts, your annual water levy supports a variety of responsibilities including;
  • Fund projects that protect or restore lakes, rivers and wetlands.
  • Educate citizens, local decision makers, students, engineers, developers and city and county staff on best practices for healthy lakes and rivers. Education is critically important to the prevention of water resource pollution, and prevention is less expensive than restoration.
  • Monitor the health of lakes, rivers and wetlands and use that data to plan for restoration or protection projects.
  • Develop, adopt and implement Water Rules (regulations) that protect water resources.
  • Develop, adopt and implement a Water Management Plan that guides responsibilities and budget.

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