Order Your Rain Barrel Soon!

If you prefer to build your own rain barrel, here are a couple of sites that may help:

Please be Careful with Pesticide and Fertilizer!

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture asked us to help spread the word to area home owners and agriculture professionals – please use pesticides and fertilizers with care this spring! Minnesota law requires anyone applying pesticide,…

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

If you are feeling the urge to spring clean you may be wondering what you should do with things like paints, fluorescent bulbs and poisons. Stearns County runs a mobile unit that will collect unused hazardous products…

Volunteer to Stencil Storm Drains

Please join AmeriCorp volunteers on as we help protect local water quality by marking storm drains. Register to be eligible to win a free stay in a Grand Casino Mille Lacs Jacuzzi Suite. Lunch will…

Welcome to Our Blog!

Hi I’m Shane — I work with many water-related issues every day including drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater management.  I am one of the Central Minnesota Water Education Alliance (CMWEA) members who will be sharing…

Welcom to Our Blog!

I’m Sue — I work at the Stearns County Environmental Services Department.  Most of what my department does involves enforcement of regulations – rules about things like feedlots, septic systems, disposal of trash, planning and zoning. Working…

Pledge to Keep our water
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Pledge and Play!

Take the pledge and download our Clean Water BINGO. Play to help keep our water clean and you could win some great prizes — an iPad, a rain barrel, movies tickets and more!