Water Re-use in Minnesota

Minnesota is a land of many lakes and much water, but demand is increasing and some communities have found ways to reuse some of the water.  The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency says that the surest way to improve water quality in Minnesota is to better manage stormwater, and stormwater reuse is one tool for better management.
Target Field, home of the MN Twins, collects stormwater in a 200,000 gallon cistern under the warning track.  This water is treated and used to irrigate the ball field, reducing city water use by 2 million gallons per year.
The City of Mankato provides up to 6.2 million gallons per day of reclaimed water to the Mankato Energy Center.  The Mankato power plant is reusing water that has already been used and treated.  Other uses for re-used water include golf course irrigation, toilet flush in buildings, wetland enhancement, and non-food crop agricultural irrigation.
Water reuse is currently the exception rather than the rule.  The agencies in Minnesota are currently working to provide a framework of regulations and requirements in relation to water re-use.

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