Zero Waste Challenge

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Welcome Zero Waste Challenge participants!

This page will contain helpful information and resources for you on your low-waste journey.

The reporting form for when you are tracking your waste is also below.

Tips and tricks for a low-waste lifestyle

The Zero Waste Guide includes information about many actions you can take to reduce waste.

The guide starts by focusing on getting as much waste our of your trash can through recycling, donation and proper disposal. The guide then digs into preventing waste in the first place. Tips for creating a low-waste and environmentally friendly lifestyle, worksheets for setting goals and conducting waste audits, recipes for making less waste products, and additional resources are also included.

You can either download the entire Zero Waste Guide (PDF) or choose the sections of interest to you below.

Getting started: diverting waste

The first phase of becoming a zero-waste household is to take a look at what you’re throwing away and get everything possible out of your trash can. That’s why the first section provides details about diverting as much of your waste as possible to recycling, composting, organics recycling, donation and reselling goods, and properly disposing of hazardous wastes.

Reducing waste

The second step is to think about waste you could prevent in the first place, remembering that not creating waste in the first place is better than recycling it. This sections goes room by room, including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, home office and garage as well as exploring the topics of kids, pets, travel, cleaning, remodeling and hosting gatherings.

Zero-waste lifestyle

The third section includes more advanced tips on creating a low-waste and environmentally friendly lifestyle that go beyond focusing on waste.



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