Become a Conscious Car Owner

Our cars have the potential to send harmful chemicals into our local waterways, either because liquids are leaking from our cars or simply from washing them. With a few simple changes you can become a conscious car owner and keep our waters clean!

Check for leaks

Your car may be leaking oil, coolant, antifreeze, and other harmful liquids that can be carried by rainwater directly into stormdrains. If you notice your car is leaking any liquid, it would be beneficial to you and the environment to have to checked out by a professional. If you can’t get it check out right away put a liner under your car to collect any liquid.

Use a Car Wash

When washing your car at home you use around 100 gallons of water and by going to a commercial car wash you use around 40-60 gallons. If the car wash has a self-serve spray gun you may use only 15-20 gallons for the same car. A commercial car wash will help you use less water. They are also require to properly dispose of their wastewater. Many car washes even recycle their water.

Wash your Car on the Grass

Simply wash your vehicle on grass or gravel to help the water runoff filter naturally. When the excess runoff from your car soaks into the ground it will begin to filter instead of running off directly to our local waterways. Dump your soapy bucket of water down the sink instead of down the storm drain.

Use a car wash that does not contain toxic chemicals

Many car wash soaps contain chemicals that are harmful to our waterways like acids, chloride, and phosphates. Help prevent these chemicals from getting in the water by using a product that is gentle and biodegradable.

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