Benefits of Planting Trees


There are SO many benefits to planting trees, it’s almost hard to name them all! Planting a tree can benefit both you and your local environment. Trees are so important, there is a whole day dedicated to encouraging people to plant them.

Benefits of planting a tree

  • Planting trees is easy for anyone to do!
  • Trees fight climate change through photosynthesis.
  • Trees prevent rainwater runoff and act as a filtering system.
  • Trees clean the air and help you breathe by absorbing CO2.
  • Trees prevent soil erosion and rainwater runoff.
  • Trees help conserve energy by providing shade and shelter from the elements.
  • Trees increase your home’s curb appeal.

how to plant a tree

Before planting a tree, consider what trees are native to your area. You can either plant a tree from a nursery or start with a small seed.

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