Clean Storm Drains are Important to Our Drinking Water Quality

Local lakes and rivers are often the only drinking water sources for the communities surrounding them. Storm drains are rainwater expressways leading directly to our lakes and rivers, so it’s important to pay attention to things that could harm our water quality via storm drains. 

As our towns and cities developed, we constructed roads, parking lots, homes, and driveways that disrupted the natural flow of water. When it rains on these hard surfaces, water is not able to seep into the ground. Storm drains prevent flooding and allow stormwater runoff to flow from our streets to the nearest waterway. 

Stormwater can pick up unwanted pollutants such as leaves, litter, household hazardous waste, and other illicit discharges along the way that harm local lakes and rivers. Many state and local municipalities and research institutions in Minnesota monitor and study our local waterways to make sure our fresh water remains safe to drink.

By keeping our streets and storm drains free of debris and other unwanted pollutants, you are helping protect the quality of our drinking water for all.

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