Do Not Dump Unused Cleaners & Detergents


Cleaners and detergents contain chemicals (i.e. alkylphenols) that pollute our drinking water if overused or disposed of improperly.

What are Alkylphenols

Alkylphenols are synthetic compounds found in detergents, cleaning products, pesticides, hair care products, and many other common household products. Alkylphenols are used in many large industries and have been for many years.

Why are Alkylphenols harmful?

Humans are often exposed to Alkylphenols through ingesting them. When Alkylphenols are improperly disposed of they can end up directly into our drinking water and seafood resulting in humans unknowingly consuming them. Many studies have found the effects of Alkylphenols harmful on the human body, as well as fish and sealife. Alkylphenols will mimic the bodies hormones and alter the normal hormone process.

How to reduce Alkylphenols in water?

Learn about what Alkylphenols are and what products they are in. Listed below are our sources that contain more information. Try to limit your use of products that contain Alkylphenols and use organic or chemical free products instead. Lastly, properly dispose of your products that do contain Alkylphenols. Dispose of at your local Household Hazard Waste Drop-off Facility.



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