Don’t Waste Water Outdoors


As the weather heats up, start to focus on how you use water outdoors! You might find that you are actually overwatering. Water usage increases greatly during the summer months as people begin to care for a lawn or garden. Many people often waste water because they are unaware of how much water they need to use. Here are a few tips to help you not overwater your lawn or garden!

  1. Check your sprinkles and make sure they are spraying at your lawn or garden not on a sidewalk or driveway.
  2. Water early in the morning before it get too warm. Cooler weather will ensure that the water does not evaporate as quickly.
  3. If your sprinkler system is automatic make sure to adjust the watering schedule based on the weather.
  4. Water your lawn about 1 inch per week.
  5. Add a watering timer to your hose to make sure you aren’t watering for too long.

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