Drink Tap Water Instead of Bottled

Hydrating does the body good, it helps us do what we need to do everyday! Most people have access to water right from the tap in their home; it is used every single day for cooking and drinking. However, a lot of people don’t know the many benefits of tap water!

Benefits of tap water

  • Water from the tap is often safer to drink. There is a chance that mirco plastics could be consumed while drinking bottled water.
  • The taste is the same between tapped and bottled water – a lot of people actually can’t tell the difference.
  • Cost – Tap water costs penny’s compared to the cost of bottled water.
  • Convenience – A lot of people have access to tap water in their homes.
  • Environmental impact – bottled water creates a lot of plastic waste. The bottling, refrigerating and transporting of bottle water is harsh on the environment.
  • Bottled water is not typically safer than tap water. In fact, more than half of all bottled water comes from the tap.



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