Backyard Habitat – Spring Edition

Plant it, build it, modify it and they will come….the birds, bees, and butterflies that is! You’ll learn about how to attract more pollinators and songbirds to your backyard by making simple and doable enhancements….

Spring Perennial Prepping

The joy of perennials is that they come back year after year. At this new nature class, you’ll learn how to save money, time, and headaches by following a few easy steps. Buying, planting, dividing,…

Shoreline Restoration and Maintenance

Do you have a shoreline property that is losing ground? Is your shoreline eroding, unsightly, or seem to be a goose magnet from the toll of excessive rain or ice? Learn how to improve water…

Bee Lawns

Do you love having a lush, green lawn? Join us to learn what else you can plant in your yard that can also benefit the bees and birds while also keeping some green turf. We’ll…

Composting & Mulches Basics

Composting is nature’s way of recycling, keeps waste out of landfills, and fertilizes without chemicals. It’s a wonderful way to turn fruits, vegetables, and yard trimmings into dark, crumbly fertile soil along with ways to…

Native Flowers and Grass Basics

Have you ever wanted to learn more about native plants? You’ll learn about plant basics, garden spaces and places. You’ll also learn how to identify favorite natives for a wide variety of soils, shade levels,…

Planting a Pollinator Garden

A native wildflower garden will attract beautiful butterflies and bees to your yard and help pollinators stay healthy. Learn more about weeds, seeds, and blooms and how to plant a garden in any size area….

Get Out On The Water

Getting out on the water to go swimming, fishing, or boating is not only a lot of fun but it is actually a great start to protecting our water! The more you are on the…

Don’t Waste Water Outdoors

As the weather heats up, start to focus on how you use water outdoors! You might find that you are actually overwatering. Water usage increases greatly during the summer months as people begin to care…

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