H2You Clean Water Bingo Winner: The Rothstein’s



Meet the Rothstein family, “an avid outdoor group of four” from St. Stephen, who enjoy adventuring and spending time together. Being outdoor enthusiasts, Jake and Stef recognize the importance of being environmental stewards and understand that everyday actions have an impact on water quality. This knowledge is already deeply ingrained into their children Caden and Evie. Through their combined appreciation for the environment, the Rothstein’s worked together to complete H2You Clean Water Bingo – taking action to help keep our water clean.

Early in their experience playing Clean Water Bingo, the Rothstein’s recognized that accomplishing five actions in a row to get a H2You Clean Water Bingo was going to be a group effort. While Caden and Evie could help pick up after their pets, turn off the water while brushing their teeth, and pick up trash around their neighborhood, Mom and Dad would have to help with recycling used motor oil and depositing of household wastes at a designated drop off site, giving the bingo game, as Stef said, “just the right amount of challenge” to create learning opportunities for everyone involved.

The Rothstein’s learned a lot in their experience playing H2You Clean Water Bingo, like how leaving grass clippings in the street can negatively affect water quality and where to properly dispose of household wastes and unused medications. Through their effort achieving bingos, they won four movie tickets, which they’re saving for a snowy day. The Rothstein’s were one of five bingo winners in 2018 and together they’re helping improve the water quality in area lakes and rivers. Visit H2YouMN.com to download your bingo card and start playing today or find us at local events!

The Rothstein’s: Jake, Caden (12), Evie (9), and Stef pictured above.

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