Icy Pavements or Sidewalks? Think Before You Salt.

Water pollution from salt (or chlorides) is widespread and can come from multiple sources including excess use of deicers during winter maintenance.
As little as a single teaspoon of salt can pollute five gallons of water, the equivalent of a 50-pound bag of salt can pollute 10,000 gallons of water. Salt becomes invisible shortly after it is applied because it dissolves, becoming difficult and costly to remove once in our water resources. Prevention is the best way to protect and preserve clean water.
Think before you salt and use these tips for salting to keep your guests, grounds, and facility safe this winter.


Clear the snow before it turns to ice so that salt is not needed. Shoveling is also good exercise.


Salt won’t work if the pavement temperature is below 15 degrees F. Decide if you should use salt in each circumstance.


If you decide to use salt, use less than 1 pound of salt per 12 x 12 square foot area. One (1) standard coffee mug equals one (1) pound of salt. Scatter to give about three inches between granules.


Sweep up any excess salt and reuse during the next snow event.

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