Mow High & Mulch Clippings

Some of the best fertilizer is right under your mower. Full of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, grass clippings feed new plant growth and help hold moisture in the soil. But those same nutrients pose a problem when they wash down storm sewers into our lakes and rivers, causing algae growth that ruins the water for fish, other wildlife, and recreation. By keeping grass clippings off your driveway, sidewalk and street, you score an environmental win-win — better lawn, better water.


Low Impact Lawn Care
Healthy lawns require fewer chemicals, hold the soil in place, and withstand drought. This link provides the top things you can do to keep your lawn happy and healthy.
EarthEasy: Solutions for Sustainable Living
Identify natural solutions for a healthy lawn.
Our Water – Our World: Pesticide Info & Alternatives
This website helps consumers manage home and garden pests in a sustainable, environmental manner.

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