Save Water in Your Home

You have the ability to ensure a clean, reliable water supply by simply adjusting a few of your daily habits! These tips will help your local water supply and save you some money in the process. Here are 10 simples ways to conserving water in your home:

  1. Take a shower instead of a bath and take shorter showers
  2. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and shaving
  3. Always run the washing machine and dishwasher with a full load
  4. Use a low flow shower head and faucets
  5. Check and fix leaks in your home
  6. Don’t overwater your lawn
  7. Use a broom and dustpan to clean driveways, sidewalks and steps
  8. Rinse your vegetables in a bowl or sink full of water instead of letting the faucet run
  9.  Use every drop of water by watering your lawn or garden by hand
  10. Share your knowledge about saving water with your friends and family!

Pledge to Keep our water
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