Start Using Reusable Bags

Over the last 20 years, plastic bags have become a popular and convenient way to contain and transport items. While there are a lot of benefits to plastic bags, they are one of the top 10 items found while cleaning up litter. A very small amount of plastic bags end up getting recycled; most bags end up in landfills or in our water.

Plastic bags are a threat to our waters because they are so lightweight that they get picked up by the wind and carried into lakes and rivers. This causes a problem with the ecosystem, since the sea-life and other animals will get tangled in the bags or try to eat them.

Things you can do to help

There are many easy ways you can help with this problem. The best thing you can do is use only biodegradable or reusable bags. There is a wide range of bags to choose from that are easy to store in your car. If you can’t completely make the switch there are still ways to help! Try and use as few bags as possible. While packaging your items be efficient about how you bag them and do not use bags on large items that are easy to carry. Also, make sure to recycle the plastic bags that you do use. Most grocery stores will have a bin where you can recycle your plastic bags.


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