Well Maintenance

You are responsible for checking and inspecting your well for mechanical problems, cleanliness, and the presence of certain contaminants! Now is the perfect time to check that off your to-do list.

Responsibilities as a Well Owner


Keep Your Water Safe 

  • Keep the top of your well at least 1 foot above the ground. 
  • Do not allow runoff from the road, driveway, or rooftop to pond around the well. 
  • Keep the area around the well clear and free of debris, pet, and livestock wastes, hazardous chemicals, and any other potential pollutants. 
  • Do not dispose of wastes in dry wells or unused wells. 
  • Maintain minimum setback or “isolation” distances from possible sources of contamination. 

Routinely Inspect Your Well 

  • Visually inspect the well for problems such as cracks, corrosion, loose wires, settling, or well casing damage. 
  • Ensure the well cap is securely attached to the well casing, not broken or missing, and connections to the well are watertight. 
  • Hire a licensed well contractor to inspect your well for defects every 

Protect the Wellhead 

  • Be careful not to bump the well with lawn mowers, snowplows, or other equipment so as not to damage the wellhead or your water distribution line. 
  • Do not pile snow, leaves, or other materials around your well. 
  • Mark the well location with a highly visible flag during winter. 
  • Limit fertilizer and pesticide use in vicinity of your well. 

After a New Well is Installed
You should not use the water from the well for drinking and cooking until you receive satisfactory water sample results from the contractor or laboratory. 

Continue Testing Your Water
Your drinking water should be tested any time your well system is serviced, or whenever you NOTICE A CHANGE in taste, color, or odor.

Seal Unused Wells
Unused wells are a potential source of groundwater contamination as well as a safety hazard on your property. Remember, only a licensed well contractor can seal wells. For additional information on how to seal an unused well, visit: 

www.health.state.mn.us/divs/eh/wells/ sealing. 

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