Largest Adopt-a-Drain Program in MN

“In order to protect the lakes, rivers, and streams that Minnesotans call home, we need all hands on deck. There are more than 300,000 storm drains in the metro area, and every last one of…


The Adopt-A-River program encourages Minnesota volunteers to “adopt” a section of a river, lake, wetland, ditch or ravine to ensure its long-term health through annual cleanups. The Adopt-A-River Program is part of the Department of…

Volunteer with the DNR

The contributions of more than 30,000 volunteers enable the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to expand and improve services to the public. Volunteers help to preserve and enhance Minnesota’s natural beauty for the enjoyment of…

Citizen Lake and Stream Monitoring

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency coordinates two volunteer monitoring programs: the Citizen Lake Monitoring Program and the Citizen Stream Monitoring Program. Minnesota is blessed with an abundance of lakes and streams, so much so that…


Adopt-A-Highway is a program for environmentally conscious volunteers to pick up litter along Minnesota’s highways. The Minnesota Department of Transportation details how to sign up.

Community Clean-Ups For Water Quality

Community Clean-Ups for Water Quality are local projects that can significantly reduce the phosphorus flowing into our local lakes, rivers and streams. Volunteers rake, sweep and bag leaves and debris. Additional information is available from…

Stencil A Storm Drain

Get Involved STENCIL A STORM DRAIN If you are a resident of St. Cloud, you can help reduce water pollution by stenciling storm drains with the message “No Dumping; Drains to River.” Getting started is…

Volunteer Water Monitors Sought to Help Protect MN Lakes & Streams

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is recruiting volunteers to help track water quality changes in lakes and streams across the state. Minnesota’s volunteer water monitoring programs are among the largest citizen science programs in…


While no formal program exists, we encourage any central Minnesota resident who has a storm drain in their neighborhood to make a difference by regularly picking up trash and debris on and around these drains.

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