Why Do Cities Sweep Streets?

Using street sweepers is more than just for aesthetic purposes.  The food wrappers and cigarette butts are an eye sore, but the sand and salt on the streets are just as much of a nuisance….

5 Ways to a Create Bee-Friendly Backyard

Bees, the essential pollinators, need our help. Their populations are in decline in Minnesota and nationally. Creating a haven for bees in yards and gardens is one way to rally round the bees. Five simple…

Greener Lawns and Bluer Waters

Healthy lawns soak up rain and can prevent stormwater runoff, thus keeping polluted water out of our lakes and rivers. As we look to the warm weather and season of yard care, here are some…

Watch Out for Blue-Green Algal Blooms

High temperatures can bring harmful algal blooms Algae, microscopic aquatic plants, are a natural part of any aquatic ecosystem. Most algae are harmless, but under the right conditions certain types of algae can pose health…

Smarter Lawn Watering

How often have you seen lawns being watered during a downpour? Do you know that over half the water used in America is for irrigation and most lawns are over watered?   Are you interested in…

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