Adopt-A-Highway is a program for environmentally conscious volunteers to pick up litter along Minnesota’s highways. The Minnesota Department of Transportation details how to sign up.

Don’t Rake into the Lake

Feeding a lake or river too many leaves or other yard waste creates a bumper crop of algae turning lakes into pools of pea-green sludge with too little oxygen for the fish. To keep our…

Mow High & Mulch Clippings

Some of the best fertilizer is right under your mower. Full of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, grass clippings feed new plant growth and help hold moisture in the soil. But those same nutrients pose a…

Detour Downspouts

Direct downspouts away from driveways or storm drains to green spaces or rain barrels. Pollutants picked up from your roof can be kept out of the waterways if they are first filtered and used by…

Check for Fluid Leaks

Check your car often for oil and fluid and other leaks and fix them promptly. If there is a spill, Use kitty litter or sand to soak up the liquid. Properly dispose of this material…

Microfiber Matters

Take a look in your closet. What do you see? Clothes you wear? Clothes you never wear? You’re probably not thinking that’s a lot of plastic. Plastic —polyester, acrylic, nylon, and other synthetic fibers—is about…

Keep Fat, Grease & Cooking Oil Out of Our Plumbing

Learning the right way to get rid of used cooking oil, fat and grease helps prevent clogging and overflow of wastewater that can pose serious health and environmental concerns. So the next time you make…


Compost is organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow. Food scraps and yard waste together currently make up about 30% of what we throw away, and should be composted instead….


The Adopt-A-River program encourages Minnesota volunteers to “adopt” a section of a river, lake, wetland, ditch or ravine to ensure its long-term health through annual cleanups. The Adopt-A-River Program is part of the Department of…

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