Volunteer with the DNR

The contributions of more than 30,000 volunteers enable the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to expand and improve services to the public. Volunteers help to preserve and enhance Minnesota’s natural beauty for the enjoyment of…

Minnesota Signs Lake Friendly Agreement with Canada

Minnesota has formally joined a growing list of signatories to the Lake Friendly Accord aimed at increasing efforts to protect water quality across the Lake Winnipeg basin. Lake Winnipeg is located in Manitoba, Canada, but…

Fight Against Aquatic Invaders Comes to St. Cloud

Jeff Forester has seen the damage an invasive species can do to a lake. When fishermen introduced rusty crayfish to Lake Vermilion, where Forester owns property, the invaders wiped out the lake’s native crayfish. They…

Free Winter Maintenance Training for Professionals

Prevent Pollution: Better, Cheaper Snow Removal Strategies REGISTER NOW Did you know? One 50 lb. bag of salt pollutes 10,000 gallons of water! De-icers used in winter maintenance are a major source of water pollution…

Leave No Trace

As winter finally comes to visit and the temperatures fall to those of ice forming ability, those longing to ice fish will finally get the chance. There are many lakes throughout Carver County that offer…

The Safe Drinking Water Act Turns 40!

I was reading an article in the fall addition of the 2014 Aquifer newsletter and was struck about a statement of trust people have when they turn on their tap. Below is the first segment…

Help Turtles Safely Cross Roads

BABY TURTLES ARE HATCHING AND ADULTS ARE GETTING READY FOR WINTER The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is asking people to share the road with hatchling and adult turtles this fall. Turtles crossing roads in…

Made in MN Expo

November 17, 2018 at the Rivers Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud, MN.

EAB Confirmed in Olmsted County

Permeable pavements, also known as porous pavements, are one of the many tools water management staff use to capture and treat stormwater runoff.

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