Paddling to Protect the Mississippi

Maya Dizack has experienced the effects of poor water quality firsthand. As a kid growing up near Lake Michigan, she dreamed of being a mermaid. She swam in rivers and streams near her Wisconsin home,…

Program to pay Minnesota homeowners to let their lawn go to the bees

The state of Minnesota will help homeowners turn their lawns into bee-friendly habitat under a spending plan approved by the Legislature and sent this week to Gov. Tim Walz. The state will set aside $900,000…

Bee-friendly Yard Becomes Neighborhood Sanctuary

A master gardener and longtime homeowner on the shores of Andover’s Crooked Lake, Cheryl Seeman has gradually transformed her lawn into a wildlife and pollinator sanctuary. “They call me the Queen Bee,” said Cheryl with…

Finally, lake-river drawdown set to begin

After years of planning and a red-light delay of one year, it’s now a green-light go for a water-level drawdown at Little Rock Lake near Rice and the Mississippi River north of Sartell. The Department…

Why you should care about water quality

Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, and groundwater are valuable public resources. In addition to being powerful symbols of our state, they provide drinking water, recreational and tourism opportunities, wildlife habitat, water for agriculture and industrial…

Grate volunteers keep Minnesota waters clean by adopting stormdrains

Eden Prairie kindergartners join the ranks of almost 4,000 Minnesotans who have spent more than 4,000 hours tidying metro storm grates.

Cover crops, rotational grazing, habitat add up to water quality certification

Ben Dwire of Arco in western Minnesota does a lot to make his farm sustainable, including cover crops, rotational grazing, and growing pollinator habitat. See the video (link below) in this segment of the Feb….

University of MN Uses Stormwater in a ‘Cool’ Way

The University of Minnesota, in an effort to protect local water sources and reduce stormwater runoff, is building systems that collect stormwater to cool buildings around campus. A system is being built near Pioneer Hall…

Largest Adopt-a-Drain Program in MN

“In order to protect the lakes, rivers, and streams that Minnesotans call home, we need all hands on deck. There are more than 300,000 storm drains in the metro area, and every last one of…

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