Septic System Care

UNDERSTAND YOUR SYSTEM Septic systems, are soil-based treatment systems used by homes and businesses to treat and dispose of wastewater. Correctly treating and disposing of wastewater is critical to protecting public health and the environment….

Pollinator Friendly Garden

Plant a pollinator-friendly garden with a diverse variety of native plants blooming all season long. You will get both beautiful flowers and wildlife! 3 Tips for Attracting Pollinators Plant flowers native to your area. They…

Well Maintenance

You are responsible for checking and inspecting your well for mechanical problems, cleanliness, and the presence of certain contaminants! Now is the perfect time to check that off your to-do list. Responsibilities as a Well…

Well Water Tip

Well water should be tested every year to make sure that your water is safe to drink and to ensure there are no mechanical problems with your well.  Your drinking water should be tested any…

Think before you salt

As the snow starts to come so does the ice! When you begin salting this winter remember to think before you salt! All you need is 1 coffee mug for a 12ft x 12ft area.

Salt Smart Certified

Are you a winter maintenance professionals getting ready for the upcoming winter season? Learn how to save money and protect our local lakes and rivers. Get Smart Salting certified with classes offered by Minnesota Pollution…

Medication Drop Off

Medicine drop off programs are the best way to dispose of unused, unwanted or expired medications. It is easy, free and anonymous! Some people believe that it’s okay to flush certain medicines when they are…

Don’t Toss! Drop Off!

Have you ever thrown household waste away and thought “There must be a better way to dispose of this!” There is a great chance that there probably is! Leftover household products can be safely disposed…

Fight the Mud

Does your lawn have bare spots creating piles of mud in your yard? It’s not only an eyesore but it’s bad for our ditches, streams, lakes and rivers. Rain will wash away the loose soil…

Pledge to Keep our water
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